See what our amazing clients have to say about Sandra Cortez.

I am so grateful that Sandra Otero was my realtor. I am mature widow and had to sell my home of 20 years which held a life time of memories for me. Sandra treated me like family and made sure that all the details in my home were perfect prior to putting it on the real estate market. Her expertise was phenomenal. After the home was ready to show, she put it on the market and within 2 hours we had received a full price offer. The transaction closed on my home a couple of weeks later and I was crying at the closing. I was so overwhelmed with job to receive as much money as I did for the home that I loved so much for many years. I love working with Sandra and have referred my grandchildren, my children and all my family. Sandra is my real estate angel. She cared so much about me so much as person, my emotional state, my physical health and my financial outcome. She took care of everything for me I just had to show up to the closing. It was such a blessing to work with “realtor angel” and if you use her as your realtor you will love her as much as I do.
— Mary - San Antonio
My family and I just moved from California and were looking for our new home. We were referred to Sandra Otero by a co-worker and she told us that she was the best realtor ever. We were able to meet Sandra and within a couple of days we found our dream home. She recommended us to a business partner who handled our mortgage loan needs and we were able to close on our home in less than 30 days. We are experienced home owners but we were so impressed with Sandra’s knowledge and experience. She explained every detail of the paperwork, the process and even what to anticipate prior to closing. The entire process was very smooth and we were able to move into our dream home. We have recommended Sandra too many of our new friends and our family members that are also moving from other states. Thank you Sandra for taking such good care of us!
— Monica and Albert, California
I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra Otero many years ago when she was assisting my best friend sell her home and buy the home of her dreams. Sandra was very friendly, professional and left a lasting impression during our first meeting. I was so impressed with her experience and mannerism that I held onto her business card for many years. Recently, one of my family members wanted to sell their home and there was no question in my mind which realtor I wanted to recommend to her. There are many realtors in San Antonio but for me there is only one, Sandra Otero. I called Sandra and immediately she met with my family member and she was also impressed with her skills, experience and passion to help people. The home sold in less than a couple of days. Sandra Otero is our family realtor and hope she becomes your realtor, too. Alejandra, San Antonio
I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra Otero for many years with her experience in lending, real estate and investing has been a great asset to my portfolio. I have been able to utilize her in various transactions which include residential, multi-family and commercial investments. She has always been the only realtor I use for all of my real estate needs. I highly recommend her and when you utilize her services you will be very impressed with her compassion, experience and expertise.
— Martin, San Antonio/Mexico
كان من دواعي
سروري مقابلة السيده ساندرا
أوتيرو في قاعدة لكلاند في سان
انطونيو. ولقد أوصى بعض الضباط
الذين أعمل معهم وقالوا لي عن
العمل العظيم التي تقوم به السيده
ساندرا في
مجال العقار.
اليوم الذي التقيت به السيده
ساندرا أعجبت جدا بمعرفتها
وخبرتها في قطاع العقارات. وقد كان
لديها الكثير من النجاح في مجال
العقارات لأنها تعرف عملها جيدا
وتعرف كيفية التعرف على احتياجات
العملاء. وكنت قادرا على شراء
منزلين حتى الآن، وأخطط لشراء
العديد من المنازل والاستثمار في
مدينة سان أنطونيو لأنني استطيع
ان آثق وآعتمد على السيده ساندرا
— Mohammed , Saudi Arabia
I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra Otero at Lackland AFB. She was recommended by some officers that I work with and they told me about her great work.  The day I met Sandra I was very impressed with her knowledge, experience and background in the real estate
industry. She has had much success in real estate because she knows her business and knows how to identify her customer’s needs. She did a great job! I was able to buy two homes so far and am planning to buy many more homes and investments in San Antonio because I can trust and rely on Sandra Otero as my realtor.
— Mansour, Dubai